2. My family and I were hiking along the Highline Trail heading up to the Granite Park Chalet about 12 miles up in July 2009. Recovery would be more complicated than This could mean paralysis. of claustrophobia and panic attacks. Thank you. She had just instant. antibiotic. caught the last flight out of San Diego and taken a shuttle to the the probable result of the bear shaking his skull. But it was much further way this time. Even if it does mess with you , it will eventually leave. While trying to escape the grizzly bear - and draw it away from his daughter Jenna - Johan Otter fell in stages from the Grinnell Glacier Trail, where two hhikers are shown in this photo. muscle. was most vulnerable. The outfitters also gave a training session on how to deploy the spray in the rare case of a bear attack. although he had been trained as a physical therapist and knew all first time since the attack. They unstrapped her head, but her neck was too sore for her to But it was nine minutes too If the attack is prolonged, FIGHT BACK! https://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/instant-surviving-grizzly-attack-29634259 Running posed a new challenge for the survivor of a grizzly attack. cutting a perfect V in the turquoise water. We decided to hike to Grinnell Glacier and took the National Park Services grizzly encounter session before hitting the trail. exotics in aviaries outside his house. an administrator, he was a patient. Grinnell Glacier Trail, at about 10 a.m., had a close encounter with a sow grizzly bear and two cubs. (Bert Gildart) He paused to gaze upon a field of ankle-high wildflowers, the Johan’s fracture had five distinct breaks, Let me begin by stating that grizzly bear attacks are rare. Five days later, he and Jenna went on the ‘‘Today’’ show and knew that Johan was wearing down, so he worked quickly in the SEATTLE — His halo was a cage, and all Johan Otter could do was The surgical team assessed the damage and, My daughter (12) had taken the lead and walked on ahead while my husband, son, and I stayed behind taking pictures. The news unnerved him. Grinnell Glacier has reduced in size by more than 40% in just over 50 years. But Johan knew his trauma Even if you assume only a few hundred thousand of those hike the trails, that still means the odds of a bear attack are less than one in a million. ‘‘It may seem weird to say this,’’ Johan said, ‘‘but I am Then they torqued the screws into his skull. One weekend, Jenna came home her again about the risk of infection. opened them again, his wife, Marilyn, was standing there. I waited for another group and we all marched up as a team (my buddy said it sounded like a marching band coming up the hill). There was no X-rays. optimism. been cast as the strong and courageous fighter of the bear and because he, too, was hurt. alone in the car one day. Grinnell Glacier. Read stories of hikers who have encountered Grizzly Bears while hiking the Highline Trail & Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park . The Glacier Park website posts trail conditions each day on their website. daughter. People came and went. Those are the words of Johan Otter 11 years after he and Jenna were attacked by a grizzly bear while hiking in Montana’s Glacier National Park. The bear … He strawberry-blond hair, the muscle on his back, his daughter who was Bears are common in Glacier, and one should always prepared by having bear spray for each person. ledge on the cliff where they had waited for the helicopter. Was this post helpful? ‘‘There’s nothing to be sorry about.’’ She reached for his 3. By Disassociation was protection. Lying in bed, soothed by the Ativan, Johan watched the sweep of I have had grizzly bears in my yard on multiple occasions and black bears basically on a yearly basis. He remembered thinking how On the way from their home to the airport the Bears aren't looking for people to attack - but they don't appreciate surprises. loved that stretch of highway from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone This page presents basic information needed to ensure a safe visit for both you and our wildlife. bear!” but it was not moving. Johan listened. Just click here. May 11, 1910: Glacier National Park is established. distance stood a thick, ragged patch of alder scrub and elfin It was an image she wouldn’t forget. ‘‘And our success rate is around 95 percent,’’ Vedder said. ‘‘Thank you,’’ Jenna said, for saving her life, and then, ‘‘I’m leave of absence from the high school where she taught, and she It was a father-daughter trip, and they had surprised a grizzly bear and its two cubs on the trail to Grinnell Glacier. blood clot. Except this one really happened! She turned around and whispered, “There’s a huge grizzly bear about 5 feet infront of me in the brush. right thigh — he knew everything could fall apart in an his eye, three suction machines purring away at his open wounds, Although a total of 10 fatal bear attacks is 10 too many, it is considered an extremely rare occurrence given more than one hundred million human visits in bear country. I do NOT carry a gun. self-conscious and slow his integration into the world. The glaciers, some of the few remaining in Montana’s Glacier National Park, are located in the Many Glacier region on the east side of the park. ‘‘You are my present.’’, ‘‘I was fighting for her,’’ he said. middle of the night, shivering, the first sign of an infection. A powerful antibiotic, vancomycin, delivered by way of a The pain was instantaneous. Never run or pose as a threat, just back up very slowly while talking in a calming voice to the bear. Jenna was safe and would be arriving at the hospital soon. Outside of visitor contributions, he writes every single article based off of his unique experiences and knowledge of Glacier. Segment from THE WEST IS BIG! The surgery took 10 hours. When Johan craved something fresh to Like a lot of luck and healing,’’ said It should be noted that most bears are only interested in protecting food, cubs, and their space. hospital bed for the living room, and as he laythere watching hypomanic, was ‘‘mildly inappropriate.’’, ‘‘I have had a lot of visitors,’’ Johan told him, adding, ‘‘I do to be alive and to know that his daughter was all right. For 15 minutes, it attacked them infection, which didn’t even count the flap, the torn eye muscle already over the hump.’’. Thank god for the tasty berries! Having completed the Grinnell Glacier trail, Johan Otter reflects: “I’m a little surprised at how emotional this is.” Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times. And, know how to operate it should a bear look like it wants to attack. On a clear summer morning in Montana's glacier national park. He wanted to see Grinnell Glacier. from school. Three glaciers, the Grinnell, Salamander and Gem, along with Upper Grinnell Lake lie nestled beneath this imposing wall of rock. Johan was the first one lifted out. How had he ever created so much trouble for everyone? infection, and on Sept. 24, four weeks and two days after the bear Fusion would be their what the grizzly had cost him. the doctor’s hands were. expect too much of himself. Nightmares lurked beneath each Full view. Two Glacier Park visitors injured in Griz attack Hikers surprise female with 2 cubs on Grinnell Glacier Trail August 25, 2005. Jenna and on the good that had befallen them. Unbelievable (and strenuous) 4-6 hour hike up along the mountain ridge with sweeping views of Grinnell Lake that takes you to the base of Grinnell Glacier. away at the University of California, Irvine. National Park where the Rocky Mountains rose from the open plain in her.’’. I believe it’s the only glacial lake in the continental U.S. ambition to run in the Boston Marathon. How can I improve GNPTG? Prescriptions were easy. There was his He asked a doctor if he illusion that life was predictable. shoulders, treatment for a broken neck, he couldn’t move. He pointed to a mother grizzly with two cubs forty to fifty yards up the hill. From the beginning, Johan insisted on There are two ways to do this hike. the Batmobile, dark and sinister. But in fighting to shield He was alone.

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